Friday, March 19, 2010

My Birthday Week!

Actually it is one day into my birthday week! March 25th is only one day less than a week away today! Its Friday already! I feel like the weeks just keep zooming by! This was a good week for me in the realm of life.
The car wash was canceled last Saturday giving Jonathan and I an opportunity to spend some QT together. Saturday night I went to watch Jonathan at the dinner theater. He wasn't in the first show so we spent that time walking around downtown Chattanooga. It was really really nice! Sunday was pretty low key, there was a baby shower at church and then we went to Erika's to play on the Wii. It was hilarious! We ended up playing some weird olympic game with characters with names like "Urbando" "Pepe" and "Rufus". It was awesome. You could figure skate, and do curling. We had lots of fun. We ended the night by watching yours mine and ours, a good weekend!
We had a lot of birthdays this week, I'm telling ya, March is an amazing month! There weren't too many other exciting things happen. I do have some news however I can't disclose it to the public quite yet. No worries. I will spill all when applicable!
As a ministry we are having to make some decisions and are going through more transition yet again so prayer for us is always appreciated. I'm not worried. As long as I am with God, whatever happens will be ok with me, no need to wig out!
Personally I did pretty well this week. Things are looking up in my personal life. Blessings that only God can give...again more specifics to come!!!
I love you all and I miss you all so much!
Brittany Gause-see you MONDAY!
Jonathan Harrell-see you TOMORROW!
and the rest of you.....I hate that we live so far apart
you are loved!

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