Friday, March 12, 2010

Grenades For Inhalers

Looking at the title of this blog, I just smile and shake my head.
Its Friday-blog time. I wish I had a lot to talk about but I don't really have to much. Which is ok I think. Saturday through Wednesday this week was really tough for me. Its amazing how much the right person just naturally completes you and when they are gone, it really is an odd feeling. I missed Jonathan. A lot.
Saturday we had the church car wash which ended up going very well. We are raising money for new carpet in the church and we are doing a series of three car washes, tomorrow being the last one. We have raised about 600 or so dollars just from 2 of them, and for by donation only I would say that's pretty good!
Saturday also was my friend Erikas debut at the dinner theater Jonathan works at. She recently got hired there and is doing a lot of parts, so she was in two shows and did very very well! Sunday was ok, nothing too spectacular. Jonathan got back Wednesday. He had to go home to go to court for a ticket he had received when we were visiting his parents a month or so ago....nothing criminal people, he's an amazing man, just a mis-communicaton with vehicle stuff. God had mega favor with him and what would have been really pricey and annoying charges, he is able to pay half of what he needed to and really that's all, which is AWESOME!! So yay God!
The rest of this week was pretty low key. I have been having some weird leg issues. My left hip has been bothering me a lot. Feels like a pinched nerve or pulled muscle, but it feels like its in the bone so I don't know its just annoying really!
Today, Josh Herndon came to visit. He is a guy that used to travel that we don't get to see too often. Jonathan got to hang out with him last night and today we hung out so that was fun!
Probably my most proud accomplishment this week will explain my blog title.
I have learned how to trade grenades for inhalers.
I don't do it as much anymore but there was a period of time where Jonathan and I would disagree and the way I would communicate about it would be to "throw a grenade" so to speak. Pretty much blow up and rip him a new one and leave him in my explosion dust instead of actually discussing it like normal people.
Well today I took a huge step and we had to talk about something. And that's exactly what we did. We went for a drive and we talked, forgave, resolved and moved on. It was wonderful! It was so much better to use my "inhaler" and take a few deep breaths calm down and work it out.
I traded my grenade for my inhaler.
And it was very nice!
A few prayer requests for this week:
Jonathan is about to have some changes at work which are very very good. I will explain when we actually get to that point, but prayer for favor and wisdom would be appreciated there!
We are prepping for the teams to come in soon, they will be here the 22nd-27th. This is always a hectic time for us so prayer for sanity would be awesome!
Love and miss you all!

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